If you try to find other professional Bharatanatyam dancers who by the age of ten had already received two excellent reviews in the Hindu, as well as many newspapers and magazines, you will certainly realize that the great critical acclaim and the affectionate reception by the spectators are well-deserved.

As Smt. Nandhini Ramani, The Hindu special correspondent, wrote back in August 2001, "she (Medha) stole the show with her astonishing skill in Nritta, receiving thunderous applause from the audience".

In 2002, the Hindu marked her genius again: "Innate talent and determination to do her best seemed to be the major contributors to the success of the Bharathanatyam recital of ten-year old Medha Hari, who mesmerised the audience with her energetic performance under the auspices of Salangai Oli Trust. Medha means intellect and indeed an apt name chosen for this young aspirant who revealed composure and maturity beyond her age. Hers is a case of a fine blend of talent, hard work and commitment that is rare among her age group of dancers. Being very young, Medha was devoid of stage fear or nervousness at any point of time. It was a joy to watch this child dance with such exuberance, maintaining the dignity and respect of her tradition."

Ms. V.N. Lakshmi reports in the New Indian Express of the Bharatanatyam performance at Bharat Kalachar in September 2002: "Medha did full justice to all the items that she chose to present with her confident performance."

The New Indian Express's headline for her solo Bharata  natyam performance at VDS Arts Academy in September 2003 was as appreciating: "12 going on 21. Schoolgirl Medha Hari's dance recital was as competent as a seasoned performer." Sri R. Srinivasan went on to report:"Medha danced breathtakingly with springy steps and vibrant movements. She displayed highly commendable skills rarely found in so young a dancer... The sancharis and Theermanams were impressively sketched... Medha's aesthetic presentation of rasa lakshanam was indeed praiseworthy... She is just 12, her sthaayi bhavas were gripping, relevant and notably mature".

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