She started her Bharatanatyam lessons at the age of six. The tremendous headway she made is largely due to her Guru's, A.Guha's, efforts. Her sincere hard work and dedication convinced her Guru that she should start giving solo Bharatanatyam performances which have received a very warm appreciation by the audience. Medha also has participated - in the leading roles - in all the group ballet productions of her Guru'a school. Medha's other interests include drawing and painting. Her birthday is on 20 April.


Dancing a blend of Vazhuvoor, Pandanallur, with some elements of Kalakshetra style of Bharathanatyam, Medha breathes a living and creative rapture into the mystic forms of the spiritualized art which sprang from the sacred
worship in the Indian temples, and which is based on inner experiences, vision and feelings, and, thus, is strikingly different from the outer and shallow mimicking of someone else's technique.
Adyar Lakshman in his presiding speech on 8th February 2002 of Medha's Salangai oli performance said, "There has been a lot of debate going on whether 'Araimandi' is essential for Bharata  natyam. Today this girl has positively proved beyond doubt the point in question by her excellent araimandi". As some spectators remarked, "Her her vibrant and original realization of the most exquisite and nimble elements reveals a soul of apsara in the delicate body of a child".

Tradition and Lineage

Smt.A.Guha, received her formal training in classical indian dance from Sri Govindaraj Pillai of Bangalore, and later perfected her skills under the guidance of Smt.Ananda Shankar Jayanth. Medha has been very fortunate to study with the guru who was awarded the prestigious Natyachoodamani award from Krishna Gana Sabha in 2006, "Best Natyacharya" title from Indian Fine Arts Society (Chennai) in 1999 and in 2000, "Best Natyacharya" from Nrityopasana (2001) and "Nritya Kalaimani" from Nrityanjali Trust (2001).